"We all become great explorers during our first few days in a new city, or a new love affair."
Mignon McLaughlin

Spring time with it's warm weather and beautiful sunshine is a great time for traveling somewhere new. Visit some of your favorite cities during the spring to get a good feel for the city and neighborhood you are visiting. In cities across the world, Spring is full of outdoor activities and fun things to do like concerts, parades, carnivals, markets, fairs, and sports events.

Touring a new city during spring is also a treat because the plants and trees are in full bloom. Manicured flower beds and long avenues lined with blossoming trees are some of the wonders that can be found in the big cities. Whether it be along the roads, in the parks, or down small alleyways, the plants and flowers bring nature back into the city after a cold winter. Enjoy the warmth of the sun, and the colors of spring on your next walk around the city streets.

Here we have a collection of inspirational city images, from New York City, Chicago, and Paris, France. Use these images for color and design ideas for your next room's interior design.

New York City

 New Yorkers shed their heavy winter jackets in the spring and take to the parks and open air markets.  Create a SPRING soundtrack for your ipod and take a walk through beautiful central park, along the piers, or down the high line for a healthy dose of the outdoors. Everyone is a little bit lighter and brighter with the new warm weather, and the delightful scenes of spring.


In Chicago Illinois, tulips signal the spring! Also known as the windy city and the city that works, Chicago has endless outdoor activities in the spring. People emerging from the winter hibernation take to the lush green Millenium Park, or the green rooftop of City Hall. Experience some of the world's greatest architecture, skyscrapers, sculpture and art in the windy city.



Springtime in Paris is beautiful, romantic, and a time a of renewal. The outdoor cafes bring people out into the streets once again. The air is filled with scents of fresh outdoor markets, with exotic fruits and flowers alike. Whether your shopping the latest fashion designs or visiting the Louvre, take a moment to enjoy the French and country french design styles!

Here at Simply Decorate, we hope you enjoy these images of spring, and that they inspire you as much as they do us. The culture and beauty found in New York, Chicago, and Paris offer us opportunities to see and learn new things. Choose your next favorite desination and visit there this spring. You won't regret it!

Happy travels!