"Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness." Richard Bach

It seems everyone has that friend or family member that either has everything or doesn't want anything! This person is called "hard to buy for"! Ugh.. we love them, but why do they have to be so difficult!? I mean.. even though they tell us "oh.. don't get me anything.. just your presence is the best gift you can give me" .. and we agree with this completely ;), we still just have to get them something don't we!? Well, to help out, we put together a compilation of some quirky, fun and very interesting gifts these people are sure to not have. Click on the photos for where to buy. Hope you enjoy!


These post-it stickers are so cool! They really look like real ginko leaves too!


For the wine lover who has everything.. What do fortunes and wine have in common? This very special wine carrier of course!


I betcha no one has a pair of these! Flip one way and you have sunglasses, flip the other way.. reading glasses..


Need a gift for the avid traveler who hates adding and subtracting? This clock could be extra helpful! It lets you know what time it is no matter where you are in all of the 24 different time zones of the world and all you have to do is spin it!


This shop has the most adorable tea towels! Tea towels always make such great gifts because it is simply impossible to have too many of them! We just love this Christmas one!


Who doesn't have a loved one who loves taking pictures? You know.. that person you always hide from during those parties where you.. aghmm..  might have had one too many..? This camera is so cool because it takes charming vintage photos!


For the iphone fanatic.. These magnets look like real iphone apps and they are packaged in this really neat iphone looking package!



Now this may be a bit silly, but talk about a conversation piece.. these are simply one of those things no one would ever buy for themselves but how cool.. they make your drink look like a floating goblet..

Know a beer connoisseur or someone with a home bar? This unique poster lists all of the major styles of beer with representative quaffs for each one! Also.. click on the photo to get to the shop to see the chart of super powers and culinary tools..


This idea is such a great one! Do you need to find a gift for the home cook or chef.. you know the one who is obsessed with every new gadget that comes out on the market? This company has got you covered! They send out a new gadget of the month for a whole year!!



Yawn.. candles.. Everyone gives candles, candles here, candle there.. but I doubt anyone has ever seen candles like these ones!  They look like little vintage jars! Love.


L.L.Bean has the right idea! They can create a puzzle out of a map of anyone's home town! Just tell them the town and they get to town on creating a unique and challenging puzzle!



Clutches are great gifts for most any female! This one is unique and fabulous!


In today's world, USBs are something everyone needs whether they know it or not! This idea is so exciting because it looks like a beautiful locket but it also stores your very important files! Would be an amazing gift for a very chic student or professional!



Here a gadget, there a gadget, everywhere a gadget. This thing is great because it lets you throw all of your gadgets in one safe spot and charges them as well!



Happy holiday shopping!