"I like form and shape and strength in pictures. " Herb Ritts

Hanging photos, paintings and sculptural objects in an interesting arrangement is sure to add daily inspiration to your life! The trick is to make sure everything you hang is something you adore and that really is the only trick to creating a magical wall! Get ready to be charmed!


It's up to you... even crooked pictures are beautiful if you love them enough..


Go on an adventure with different sized and colored frames..


Black and white prints are the common denominator in this still eclectic arrangement..


Add some shelves for a revolving gallery..


White frames create a "beachy" feeling..


Black frames on distressed white bead board..also a "beachy" feeling ..


Add some retro whimsy with a wall of polaroids...


or some abstract nature photos framed by exquisite architectural details..


Gorgeous photos framed .. simply..


Does your last name begin with an r...?


A shabby chic display for a shabby chic bedroom ..


Dark high gloss walls highlight the graphic intent of the framed artwork...


A couple of great articles to help you with your picture walls.. are here and here!

Happy picture hanging!