Here are some great easy and inexpensive updates you can do today that should make a big difference!


Living in your home is an ongoing, organic process. Even the most successful decor will eventually become dated or worn. So embracing change is good, but it doesn't necessarily have to be costly or a big renovation!



Try painting framework Black!

.. and don't be afraid of gloss! Sure it will show some imperfections and will require more prep work but it looks beautiful and things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful!




Change Pillows!

This is a "no-brainer"! Pillows are usually very inexpensive and can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a space!

Target has some wonderful options for very little cash!






Slipcovers are great! Not only are they much more inexpensive than buying new chairs or a sofa, unlike chairs, they can be machine washed! When you get tired of them, not to worry, just buy new ones or simply dye the ones you have!



Rearrange your Furniture!

Go ahead and pull that sofa off that wall! Try positioning your furniture at interesting angles to create a dynamic look. Did you know that angling a sofa can actually make your room appear wider!





Replace Lamps!

For some reason, lamps seem to be the first things that go out of style. Lamp trends come and go very quickly. So, seek out new and interesting lamps to make a fresh statement!






Hang some shelves!

This is great because it gives you the opportunity to rearrange your artwork as often as you like extremely easily. You can add new items to the shelves as you find them, take things away.. no problem!





Keep your home fresh! Designing your home is an evolution that evolves as you do. :)