TVs have certainly come a long way..  and they are easy to put in disguise!


Samsung puts out this gorgeous TV mirror kit with hundreds of frames to choose from! That mirror is actually a TV.. who knew?


... or disguise your TV as a beautiful painting!

If funds are tight.. no need to worry! The diy show off shows us how to create an amazing one-of-a-kind showstopper ourselves with this easy tutorial..

Or... if you are extra crafty, this idea is brilliant! The TV fits into this slim alcove, and when not watching, a wooden panel slides right out over it!

If hanging your TV above your fireplace, another great idea is to paint it a dark color. This way the TV will simply blend in and not take center stage!



...or simply include that TV in a cluster of artwork! This will make it not stand out and actually become part of the decor!


Or...if just you can't hide it, why not make it a work of art! Use an antique easel and make sure that TV is secured in place!